Saturday, 22 March 2014

2 × π × radius

2 × π × radius is not a school nightmare, it is a must have to make a circle skirt.
To make a circle skirt we obviously need much more fabric than to make, for example, a pencil one. The wider the fabric, the longer the skirt we can make.

Circumference = π × diameter = 2 × π × radius
 Where circumference is a waist girth.

I made this sheer skirt especially to wear with the Black Milk nana suit. Because, you know, hanging out wearing only the top and bottom could be inappropriate in some places. Not that the sheer skirt is so wearable everywhere. It might be good fun to observe people's reactions though ;)
The skirt is made from two layers of see-through fabric. It has a small slit (so I can actually put it on) and is tied on the back. I decided against a zip because I didn't want to make any side seams through the whole length of the skirt. 

Tocha's World, circle skirt, Black Milk, nana, loveyabits

While taking pictures, I found out how difficult it is to spin around and use a self-timer. I felt like a little girl again ;) Probably it is hard to see on the photos, but the fabric has small, shiny dots. I wasn't sure about them at the beginning and wanted plain fabric, but then I thought that I should just go for it, haha

Tocha's World, circle skirt, Black Milk, nana, loveyabits

The fabric comes from the Fabric Bazaar in Glasgow. Unfortunately, they don't do on-line sales. 

Now I am thinking what I should make next...
I am glad that buying new clothes doesn't stop me from making my own creations. In fact, it can be very inspiring :)

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