Monday, 24 June 2013

So many things...

Time is passing so quickly. I didn't even realize that I wrote my last post so long time ago. I had a break not because I did't have anything to share with you but because we've experienced difficult time in our family. It involves very serious health problems of close and important family member so... To be honest I can't even find words to write about it...
This post didn't mean to be sad. I really want to show you some of my new stuff and beautiful photos taken by Istvan Photography. 

Set of jewellery made of faux red leather. Cabochons are framed with different types of Toho beads and I think it makes an interesting composition. Black and white flowers cabochon print is upcycled from the photo of a dress from a magazine. I am not talented graphic designer but it didn't stop me to have fun with making my own cabochons ;-) Upcycling is very helpful here.

Photo by Istvan Photography

Photo by Istvan Photography

Photo by Istvan Photography

I've got much more new, better quality photos of bags and accessories and I started posted them couple of days ago on Tocha's World Facebook. I will also post photos and descriptions of totally new projects so don't forget about my blog :)

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